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How to stay safe as temperatures hit peak high this summer

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 22, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY — With triple-digit temperatures, heat-related illness becomes a real concern for all of us.

On a blistering hot day, there's a spectrum of heat-related illnesses people can experience, according to Dr. Caroline Vines at Intermountain Health Care.

"I don’t feel well. I’m nauseated. I’m dehydrated. I feel dizzy. I’m sleepy," Vines said of these conditions.

They can range from mild discomfort to serious sickness.

"The core temperature actually rises. It can get to dangerous levels. It causes your organs to shut down — your kidneys, liver," she said. "People become confused and altered."

While the young and elderly are more prone, everyone's at risk when temperatures reach the triple digits.

"You can be young and healthy. If you’re out riding your bike or running and exerting yourself, you’re going to be more prone to this happening," Vines said.

With Pioneer Day coming up on Wednesday, doctors are reminding all of us to drink plenty of water.

"People like to have a good time. People drink, and definitely alcohol consumption in the heat can be dangerous," Vines added.

Watch your children on the playground where equipment can heat up to dangerous levels, and don't leave anyone in the car without the engine running.

"That seems obvious, but, I mean, they can heat up really fast. That goes for your pets too," Vines said.

If you work outside, wear light-colored clothing and do your best not to overexert yourself.

"Breaks are important," Vines said. "Getting into some air conditioning or a car to take a break, that helps."