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4 must-have fashion items for a day at the amusement park

Posted at 3:01 PM, Jul 23, 2019

Dani Slaugh, personal stylist and image consultant, showed us the apparel we'd do well to don as we hit the theme park this Summer. Here is her advice:

"If you have littles and plan to spend the day at the kiddie park, feel free to wear the big floppy hat, skirt and loads of snacks because chances are you`ll also have a stroller. If your kids have graduated to riding roller coasters, expect to be with the big kids, spinning upside down, front-ways, back-ways, side-ways, getting wet, then hot, then sweaty, then wet again. To be comfortable and not look like a drowned mouse during the day takes some outfit planning. (Especially since there's no stroller.) Not willing to sacrifice one minute of precious time running back and forth to a locker, I've come up with a list of things to wear to keep your money, phone, and of course dignity, in tact.

1. Pockets with zippers + water proof bag for the phone
A phone is handy for fun photos and contacting AWOL group members, but the last thing you should be worrying about when you're about to take a hundred foot plunge into the water is whether or not your phone is going to get wet OR fall out of your pocket. Shirts and shorts or pants with zippers are golden in this situation. Put your phone in a zip lock or water-proof bag before the pocket and you're safe as a kitten.

2. Fanny pack
You may call it a mini belt bag, a running waist pack, money belt, hip pack, or my favorite a pocket front bumbag. It's essentially a fanny pack and has proven to be a trusted friend in on-the-go circumstances. I normally wear mine under my shirt right at the waist. If it's empty, it lays close and is hardly noticeable. When it's full, a little blousing and even distribution of the essentials inside is also a good disguise. If you don't need that extra granola bar and have plenty of zippered pockets, feel free to leave the pack at home.

3. Clothes that dry quickly
Wet clothes in heavy-weight or absorbent fabric tend to either chafe or just feel uncomfortable as they take forever to dry. Denim is one of these. Ditch the cut-offs friends and instead try quick drying shorts or pants that your skin will thank you for later.

4. Comfortable shoes
This one is fairly obvious, if you're going to be on your feet walking on concrete all day you want happy feet. Many people wear sneakers with socks. These can take time to dry if they get wet and may cause blistering. I've found that supportive flip flops actually work well. You can take them off and leave them on the ground for rides where your feet fly through the air and hanging coasters have a base that your feet stay on. Sandals with straps are an even safer bet. Cool, quick drying, and supportive.

5. Hair tie, earrings, necklaces, lipstick
This is where the dignity stays in tact. You can avoid looking like a drowned mouse with a little updo, earrings with backs, a secure necklace and yes 12 hour lipstick. Say hello to end of the evening photos because you're gonna look great!

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