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This DIY candle holder helps you light up the night this Pioneer Day

Posted at 2:10 PM, Jul 24, 2019

It only takes a few items to have DIY decor for Pioneer Day!

Make these simple lantern jars collecting a few items from around the house, and even the yard!  We originally found the instructions on Country Living.

We tried it ourselves, and gathered up the following items:

  • Glass jars including mason jars and cleaned-out old candle jars
  • Tea lights (LED or traditional)
  • Sand from Home Depot (if you're lucky enough to have some lying around your yard, go for it)
  • A spare flag leftover from a parade
  • Red masking tape to go around the jar, with twine tied over the top.

Put it all together with your own little flair! Just be safe if you're using traditional (fire) tea lights; don't put anything inside the jar except sand! (Leave the flag out!)