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Why this Utahn sends thank-you notes and gives tips IN ADVANCE

Posted at 2:24 PM, Jul 25, 2019

"Don't wait for someone's funeral to tell them they matter."

After years of fighting an uphill battle of bi-polar depression and PTSD, Tammy Joy Lane decided to stop focusing on the negative and start looking for the good in others and the world.  Her own personal battle with depression has given her a passion to help others find hope and remind everyone that they matter.  She founded Yes To Kindness with the mission of eradicating suicide by spreading kindness at the workplace, at home, and throughout the world. She uses her experience as a veteran, mother, and speaker to share the message of pre-appreciation, showing and receiving kindness, and suicide prevention.

Join her in sharing her message that what you do matters. That you matter.

Her book is available now on Amazon.

Find more from her at or on Instagram and Twitter.