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6-ingredient chicken street tacos

Posted at 2:56 PM, Jul 29, 2019

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is coming up, so we invited Jake Six, Chef de Cuisine of Park City and Heber Medical Centers to show us a recipe with all the flavors of the fest.

Chicken Street Tacos

• Grilled Chicken 1-2oz
• Pineapple Salsa 1oz
• Shredded Lettuce 1oz
• Shredded Cheddar Cheese 1oz
• Sour Cream .5oz
• Street Taco Tortilla 1 each

Add chicken, Cheese, Salsa, Lettuce and Sour Cream to the tortilla in tgis order. Pick up and enjoy

Grilled Chicken - Heat Grill to Medium-Medium High Heat. Brush Chicken Breast with Oil and season with your favorite Taco Seasoning mix. Grill Breasts turning every 6 minutes until internal temperature is 165 on meat thermometer.

Pineapple Salsa -
• Diced Tomato 2 Cups
• Diced Pineapple 1 Cup
• Diced Red Onion ½ Cup
• Diced Bell Pepper ¼ Cup
• Diced Jalapeno 1 TBL
• Minced Cilantro 2 TBL
• Lime Juice 2 Limes
• Salt & Pepper to Taste

Mix all ingredients in bowl and let marinate for at least an hour.

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