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Police: Man exposed himself to kids at lemonade stands

Posted at 9:47 PM, Jul 31, 2019

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- Two Davis County police departments are warning about a man who has apparently exposed himself to children at multiple lemonade stands.

Kids in one Kaysville neighborhood love nothing more than setting up their lemonade stand and playing outside during the summer.

"'Mr. Cheney, Mr. Cheney! You going to buy from us today?' 'Well you know I am,'" said neighbor Kerry Cheney, of how the kids come over to his house across the street. "I said, 'I can't wait!'"

Neighbors enjoy seeing the kids go from door to door, announcing the lemonade stand is open for business for the afternoon.

"How precious can you get?" Cheney said. "They're having so much fun with it, and they just can't wait. Their little eyes light up."

Doorbell camera video shows an afternoon of fun from last week, until a black Toyota pulled up an hour later and a man bought a cup of lemonade.

One parent said he stayed in his car, and her daughter walked up to the passenger side window with lemonade.

"At that time, he spilled the juice on an area and told my daughter, 'Can you go get a napkin? I spilled,'" said Megan Seegmiller. "And when my daughter looked down, he exposed himself to my daughter."

Seegmiller said her 7-year-old ran home to tell her what happened, clearly disturbed, and Seegmiller called the police.

She found out this isn't the first exposing incident in the area; Farmington Police took three reports in June where a man exposed himself at lemonade stands in different places.

Between the three incidents, eight children ages two to 12 years old were victimized, Farmington Police indicated.

All of the descriptions seem to match up to a single suspect.

"We have been communicating with Farmington PD, we understand maybe some similar incidents that have occurred down there, and we're working directly with them about their information to see if our cases are in fact the same person," said Lt. Paul Thompson with Kaysville Police.

Thompson said the suspect is a white male around 30 years old, possibly growing a beard. Farmington Police described the man as a white male around his 30s, with a dark beard and dark hair.

He was seen in a black car. Seegmiller said her daughter thought it was a Toyota Corolla.

Lt. Thompson added that a man with a similar description approached four girls on a trail in early July pretending to have a flat tire, before exposing himself.

Should they find the man, police said he could face serious charges of lewdness or lewdness involving a minor.

Seegmiller said she no longer lets her kids set up the lemonade stand. Their favorite summertime activity is ruined.

"It's so disturbing. It makes you so angry inside, because kids these days-- they should be able to be outside to do lemonade stands," Seegmiller said. "It's just so infuriating."