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Teach kids to be bored with these 3 ideas (one of them is Harry Potter-related to celebrate his birthday)

Posted at 3:09 PM, Jul 31, 2019

Do your kids freak out when they're BORED? Perhaps blogger Emily Blodgett can inspire them to embrace it with these tips:

1. Give kids a blank canvas
The value in giving kids a blank canvas instead of coloring books stimulates their imagination.
What fun is coloring if you always stay inside the lines? Let your kids take creative control and watch them flourish!
Creativity doesn't have a box to fit in! I'd be sunk if it did!
My kids have created a Simgett land or obstacle course in the back yard.

2. Issue a boredom challenge
Send kids to find 5-10 random items (cardboard boxes, empty food containers, twine, whatever you have laying around). Kids will get frustrated- isn't that wonderful! They'll learn to work through it and problem solve.
What if I have a better idea? KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! We don't teach kids that they're ideas are great by squashing them with our "better" ideas. It's almost painful sometimes but let them figure it out!

3. In honor of Harry Potter's Birthday, we made wands of of sticks and hot glue! Decorate a wooden dowl or blank wand with hot glue, then paint or top with glitter.

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