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How to make your own Mountain Bookends from wood scraps

Posted at 3:04 PM, Aug 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-07 17:04:56-04

Julia DeLeeuw is a graphic designer, crafter, home renovator and is a pro at DIY projects and all things creative and artistic.

She joined us with a project that will turn wood scraps into beautiful DIY Mountain Bookends.

2x6 wood cut at 8 inches long
2x4 wood cut at 6 inches long
Wood stain or satin craft paint
white satin craft paint for snow caps
Satin Polyurethane spray can

Hot glue gun glue sticks
circular saw
medium paint brush
rags for wood stain

1. Cuts:Cut your 2x6 scrap of wood at eight inches and your 1x4 scrap of wood at six inches. Then cut both rectangle pieces of wood diagonally across to create your mountain triangles.
2. Sand Down your pieces of wood so there are no sharp edges or points. Dust off and remaining sawdust.
3. Assemble:With your blocks upright and in a mountain arranged position you can simple hot glue the wood pieces together. Hot glue them while they are up right sitting on a flat surface to help your book ends be level.
4. Stain or Paint:To stain your wood I recommend using a rag instead of a brush, it absorbs better and doesn't leave as many streaks. If you are painting your wood you can just use a nice quality craft paint, I recommend using gloss or satin. Flat craft paint is hard to dust and keep clean.
5. Snow Caps: Wait for stain or paint to dry. Then add your snow caps with white craft paint. You may need to use up to three coats if your wood is dark or your white paint is too thin.
6. To protect your bookends longer spray paint them with satin polyurethane. Let dry and cure over night then your book ends are ready to use. (This is optional)

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