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Three dogs killed in Ogden house fire sparked by improper use of extension cords

Posted at 10:13 AM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 12:13:35-04

OGDEN, Utah — Three dogs were killed and a home sustained damage in a fire that officials said was caused by improper use of extension cords.

Ogden Fire Department stated in a press release their crews were dispatched to a home near 2900 South and 1400 East around 5 a.m. Friday and arrived to find smoke and flames coming from the structure.

There were no human occupants inside the home, but crews made entry and discovered four dogs during firefighting efforts.

One dog was safely rescued but the other three were killed in the fire.

Crews from Ogden and South Ogden responded and extinguished the fire.

Investigators said the cause of the fire has been determined to be improper use of extension cords.

“Please remember to not overload any electrical circuit,” Deputy Chief Eric Bauman of Ogden Fire  wrote. “Extension cords are for temporary use only and should never be used when coiled or knotted, or not in fully extended position.”

The damage to the home is estimated at about $60,000.

There were no injuries to humans as a result of the fire.