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Where you can get the world’s first modular mattress here in Utah, and a discount!

Posted at 2:34 PM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 16:34:43-04

When it comes to choosing a sleep system, Karl Tobler, owner of Mattress Warehouse, says buying online is a gamble.

"I don't believe its a good idea because it's the most important part of your day; the right mattress is a big key to that."

Now in it's 15th year, Mattress Warehouse has grown to seven locations across Utah, and offers a wide selection of brands that you can try out, in person.

"We want you to come into the store and feel the mattress, so you get the best night sleep possible," he said.

Kelli Cooper, a sleep coach with BEDGEAR sleep systems, showed us BEDGEAR's M3 "modular" mattress, which is only available in Utah at Mattress Warehouse.

Kelli says the M3 mattress is more of a "Launchpad" than a bed, "since we want you to wake ready to achieve more each day and be more engaged in the world."

Some of its features include:
o The ability to choose a different support layer for each side of the bed, so sleep partners don't have to compromise on comfort.

o Airflow through every layer lets you sleep at your optimal temperature

o Unzip your mattress to clean

o Replace over time if your preferences change

o Independent suspensions are recyclable. An environmentally friendly mattress reduces the impact of our industry on the planet!

Kelli adds, "BEDGEAR knows that, just like your shoes - One size does not fit all!"

So head to your nearest Mattress Warehouse to get custom-fitted to your mattress, and better yet, your entire sleep system!

Amanda got a "pillow fitting," where she got to test different pillows and receive coaching from Kelli on reaching the right alignment.

Karl adds, "By offering a complete range of BEDGEAR products - from personalized pillows and mattresses to lifestyle layers of sheets and mattress protectors, we are a one-stop shop for all bedding!

And right now, our viewers get a discount on any Mattress Warehouse purchase over $100. Just say you saw this segment on Fox13 and they will give you $25 off!

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