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Dr. Oz swoons over new grandchild, and how humans can find more joy through connection

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 18:31:24-04

"The Dr. Oz Show" airs daily after "The Place," so sometimes we get a visit from the Dr. himself. Today he stopped by ahead of a speaking engagement with USANA to share messages of connection and service.

He said he is so proud of his daughter Daphne (who is a chef, and appears on his show) for just welcoming her fourth child, and for being living proof of a value system he worked so hard to pass down.

His show is now in its 11th season, and besides 11 being the day of his birth (June 11) and generally a special number to him, Dr. Oz says it speaks to an opportunity we all have with his new motto, "The Power of 1." He said we all have power to captain our own bodies and minds, and by changing ourselves, we change the world.

His good friend Kevin Guest, CEO of USANA, also stopped by to update us on the progress of his book, "All The Right Reasons," which he launched one year ago, with our show being the first announcement in the media. The book proceeds were all donated, and Kevin was proud to announce the book sales have provided more than 1 million meals to those in need.

Dr. Oz and Kevin concluded their visit by talking about the Dorothy Principle, mentioned in Kevin's book, where a professor asks his students the name of the janitor, which no one knew. The professor said, "her name is Dorothy." Dr. Oz said these unsung heroes are so important, and talked about his friend Pearl, who is responsible for sanitizing the operating room; a task that is critical to the surgery's success.  He said there are no "small" people or relationships; that we are missing out on the joy of life if we don't notice the people around us.

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