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Zero Hunger Zero Waste Hero: Dolores Lopez of Gourley Elementary

Posted at 2:43 PM, Aug 26, 2019

The food pantry at David Gourley elementary school is great for ending hunger, but it really doesn't do any good if people can't ask for what they need. This month's Zero Hunger Hero features a special volunteer who's helping her community get exactly what they need from the pantry.

"The Spanish thing is a big deal around here; there's a lot of Spanish population," says Kearns resident Dolores Lopez.

She's sent all five of her children to nearby Gourley elementary, which has a food pantry to help fill the area's hunger gap, and student stomachs.

"I truly believe they do much better because they have plenty of nutrition at home, and that helps of course having a good day," she said.

Dolores explained how she went from pantry client, to pantry volunteer.

"I was by the office, and needed to get some information, and there was some lady, kind of complaining because she was coming to the pantry and no one understand her. She heard me speaking Spanish and English both and said, 'you should come to the pantry and help us.'"

This year, Dolores became Pantry Coordinator, where she spends up to 14 volunteered hours a week helping her neighbors communicate their needs.

"Been a big change - now they can come speak in their own language," she says.

And she stocks food staples that feel familiar to her community.

"The products we're bringing in now they are what the people need; usually they are what Hispanics eat and what they'll cook with."

Dolores says there are many communities like hers who could use a hand.

"We can always do something for the others," she says. "If you don't have a way to help with the money or donations, you can also do time."

Because of her commitment to the pantry and school, Fox13 and Smith's Food & Drug are presenting her with an award.

"Dolores, we would like to honor you as the Zero Hunger Hero for the month of August, for all your outstanding work at the Gourley elementary school pantry," said Aubriana Martindale with Smith's.

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