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New ways to add wellness to your life (and a discount’s involved)

Posted at 2:41 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-29 16:41:25-04

Summer is a time of activities and travel, and as we start to slow down for Fall, many of us are ready to get back into a wellness routine.

Restore wants to help you! We got all the following information - and a sample of a range of wellness services - thanks to Restore manager Brayden Compton, nurse Annie and stretch therapist Justin.

Restore exists to help people FEEL BETTER. Restore their bodies so they can do more of what they love to do. Restore offers health and wellness modalities that you've seen elite athletes, celebrities and bio-hackers use to stay healthy and repair damage in their bodies. Damage can be from exercise/training regiments or just as part of aging or even chronic conditions (arthritis, fibromialgia, etc)

Customers will experience an efficient, fun and social atmosphere that is unlike any other place. The biggest thing they can expect is to leave feeling better than when they came in the doors.  They offer a variety of services:

Whole-body cryotherapy - two different types, one where your head and face are out of the cold chamber and one where you are completely enclosed in the cold chamber.
Local cryotherapy for specific injuries on the body as well as cryo facials
Photobiomodulation - light therapy
Infrared sauna (heat and light therapy)
IV drips
Compression therapy
Stretch therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Cryoskin (cosmetic fat reduction and slimming therapy)

Restore treats anyone who has any aches and pains from athletes to your middle aged baby boomer or someone who is active that is used to taking ibuprofen which has down sides for your organs, where are services helps use your body's natural defense mechanisms that don`t have down sides for your organs. There are so many conditions that are caused by inflammation these days, more Utahns and Americans suffer from chronic pain than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined.

There are two Restore locations in Utah, in Sugar House and Draper.

If you mention that you saw Restore on Fox13, they will give you a FREE cryotherapy session along with 25% off another service of your choice at either location!

Find out more by visiting or call the Utah locations at 385-255- 2796 (Draper) and 801-484-5906 (Sugar House).