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Here’s an easy way to look younger and feel more confident!

Posted at 2:42 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 14:16:00-04

Lifestyle Expert Melinda McKinsey says you can get whiter teeth in just five minutes a day with Power Swabs.

If you drink coffee or wine, or if you like to have chocolate, your teeth probably aren't as white as they could be.

But Power Swabs are an easy way to whiten your teeth (which may also make you look younger and feel more confident).  In fact, Power Swabs can get your teeth two shades whiter in five minutes and six shades whiter in one week and the results last for up to six months!

And, Power Swabs are as easy to use as brushing your teeth.

You can order yours by calling 1-800-664-2796 and right now there's a special: up to 40 percent off with FREE shipping + a Free Quick Stick.

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