Video shows man seize California deputy’s gun, shoot at her in violent attack

Posted at 8:49 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 22:49:06-04

VICTORVILLE, Calif. – Officers shot and wounded a suspect who was caught on video seizing a deputy's gun and firing at her in Victorville, California Wednesday.

The incident was one of two deputy shootings that ended in a suspect being hospitalized Wednesday morning, according to San Bernardino County sheriff's officials.

The deputy in the recorded brawl on Cabazon Court, Meagan Forsberg, was also hospitalized. But she wasn't struck by gunfire and was expected to make a full recovery, officials said.

Forsberg responded to a home around 8:30 a.m. after a woman called law enforcement repeatedly saying "My God, oh my God," followed with "Send the police," Sgt. Jeff Allison said.

When authorities spoke with the woman again a few minutes later, she told them she wanted her son removed from the house. But then she told them to "hold on" and stopped communicating with the dispatcher, Allison said.

Officials say Forsberg found 21-year-old Ari Young outside the home, and he became combative with her.

Cellphone video shot from within a home on Cabazon Court shows a man, later identified as Young, slugging Forsberg in the head. As Young forces Forsberg to the ground, a female bystander can be seen nearby.

Young struggles with the deputy on the ground and manages to discharge one bullet before taking control of the weapon. He then stands up with the gun in his hands, takes aim and fires at the deputy.

The shot is fired just as additional deputies arrive on scene, and Young walks toward them with his hands up.

Young walks behind a tree that blocks the camera's view, and deputies can be heard ordering him to drop the gun before opening fire. Sheriff's department officials said Young refused to drop the weapon.

Roughly a dozen shots are heard before the video cuts off.

Officials have not said how many times Young was shot, but they said his wounds were not considered life-threatening.

The second shooting occurred about an hour later, after deputies were called to the 15000 block of Heatherdale Road around 9:30 a.m.

Firefighters who responded to a 62-year-old man threatening to harm himself had requested assistance from the Sheriff's Department, according to Allison.

It's unclear what led up to deputies' use of lethal force in that shooting. No information was available on that man's condition, either.

Both incidents were the subject of ongoing investigation late Wednesday afternoon, Allison said.