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Salt Lake Foodie reviews 3 places for great “Back To School Eats”

Posted at 2:48 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-12 16:48:04-04

Chase from Salt Lake Foodie joined us with three great choices if you're looking for "Back To School Eats".

One 0 Eight- Salt Lake City
Let's start with where parents can reward themselves after a crazy week! One 0 Eight is a hidden gem tucked away in an east SLC neighborhood. The daily fish you cannot go wrong with but if you are a Ahi fan, call ahead and see if it will be on the menu. Chase says, "Hands down the best Ahi Tuna I've had period. My Mmmmm was definitely disturbing my neighbors. I was blown away by the flavor and freshness that came out of this dish. It made me think Utah might be a ocean front state."  While you visit Chase suggests to try their deviled eggs with candied bacon.  He adds that the atmosphere is breathtaking, the patio is out of a story book.

Crave Cookie - Fort Union
Now this is the "reward" for kids doing a good job in school or you doing a good job in life. Whatever reason you create to visit Crave will work. Crave is a limited menu gourmet cookie spot. Chase says, "I've had others and Crave is giving them a run for there cookies. I love a good classic and the semi sweet is THAT, it is the "milk and cookie" cookie,  a perfect balance of chocolate to cookie then baked to perfection. They always have a "fun wow" cookie. My last visit was the cookies and cream, literally is a cookie in a cookie! I'll spoil the surprise, there is a Oreo cookie baked in the middle!"

Santorini's Greek Grill - Farmington
"I know I have friends up north, so when I heard there is an amazing Greek spot I had to try it! I mean it is in my blood to love Greek food. Santorini's did not let me down and the gryo was HUGE! I mean 10 inches in diameter and packed full of whatever I wanted on it. This definitely isn't yaya's (grandma) gryo," says Chase.  To top it off they have Greek nachos, and it's meal in itself! Basically of Greek cuisine is in these nachos! Yes there is FETA!

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