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Ways to work through the grieving process with Larkin Mortuary

Posted at 11:40 AM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 17:19:55-04

The grieving process can be very difficult for everyone, so Larkin Mortuary has some advice on how you can try and make it easier.

Experts there say it's important that we honor the grieving process but you should also be careful not to sit in your grief for long periods of time because you don't want the grief to take you down a hole.

Spencer Larkin, a Chaplain with Larkin Mortuary, says he often hear this over and over, but when you're grieving, you forget, the sorrow and pain take over and you can't think clearly.

Funeral planning experts say that they encourage planning ahead, especially while someone is in Hospice. They say it's actually a beautiful way to learn about a person like what songs they love, what flowers they'd like, and what quotes they'd like read or who they want to speak at their service.

Experts at Larkin Mortuary also recommend planning out the merchandise, the type of service, and even funding.

Experts also suggest finding out what's helpful to you, your grieving language and give yourself permission to honor your grief. They say you need to cry and you need to laugh, so surround yourself with people who truly care.

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