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Zero Hunger Hero: Gourley Principal Briar Mattucci

Posted at 3:09 PM, Oct 01, 2019

At David Gourley Elementary, they're serving their students beyond academics.

"I always knew I was going to be a teacher."

Briar Mattucci is the Principal of David Gourley Elementary School, where more is on her shoulders than just the educational needs of her students..

"Just ensuring that all the kids have what they need when they come to school, so that when they're in the classroom, they're focused on the achievement piece of it," she said.

Gourley is classified as a community school, that Mattucci explains like this:

"We really try to make connections with our community; not just what we demand of our community, but what we can offer our community, as well."

For example, Mattucci's school hosts a food pantry, made possible by Smith's, that's ending hunger in the entire neighborhood.

"It allows families to come in and access the resources that they need so that at home they can provide for their families, and when they come to school they can feel safe and secure, as well," she said.

Matucci says being principal at Gourley is her purpose in life, and the students are her daily why.

She said, "They deserve a safe place. They deserve connections. They deserve healthy environments where learning can take place. They deserve the same expectations as everybody else: The chance of believing in them and knowing they can achieve."

Because of her commitment to her students, school and community, Fox13 and Smith's Food & Drug are presenting her with an award.

"Principal Mattucci, we would like to honor you and David Gourley Elementary School as our Zero Hunger Hero this month in partnership with Smith's and Fox13," said Aubriana Martindale with Smith's.

"Thank you so much," replied Mattucci. "This is such an honor and we really appreciate what Smith's does for our school, and our community as well, so thank you."

Community schools like Gourley thrive on donations, so if you want to help, contact them at

Granite Education Foundation and the United Way of Utah also help this school, so you can contact them to get involved, as well.