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4 Financial Tools to Fall in Love with

Posted at 2:32 PM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 16:32:23-04

Finances don't have to be hard! Mountain America Credit Union's financial education VP Tony Rasmussen shows us four tools to simplify our financial lives.

• Banzai
Make finances fun! Parents want to teach their children to be financially successful but many of us don`t know where to start.   Mountain America has partnered with Banzai to provide an online game (in-home use) for kids, teens, and adults that teaches about money and the consequences of decisions while having fun; kids learn how to successfully run a lemonade stand; teens and adults learn things like commanding a budget while setting financial goals and protecting their credit.
Register for your free account and play at

• Card Alerts
Card alerts are not a new service, but if you're not receiving alerts on your card transactions, you really should enroll today. Alerts can help provide peace of mind by:
Keeping you in touch with your spending plan
Letting you know when and where your card is being used
Allowing you act promptly when something doesn't look right

• Date up? Update! (When your cards expire or need to be updated)
Account Updater; a service that securely updates card information with participating merchants and issuers; e.g. your card issuer can work with VISA and your health club to automatically update your account information as needed so you have to do nothing. Ask your card issuer and favorite merchants if they participate
CardSwap provides a safe and faster way to update your payment information by allowing you update your debit/credit card number with multiple merchants like Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and more in one stop.

• Freeze/Lock your Credit
Freezing or locking your credit also not new, and worth the effort for many, but is now becoming easier. (Currently you have to contact each credit bureau individually)
Mountain America is now offering CreditLock in our mobile app that let`s you lock and unlock your Experian credit report with just the tap of a button.  It will protect you against fraud and identity theft and get real-time email alerts for unauthorized activity.  You can also manage Experian credit reports without a fee.
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