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Make your own wood porch lanterns, no woodworking tools needed!

Posted at 2:39 PM, Oct 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-08 16:39:40-04

Don't have any woodworking tools but you want to make these fantastic wood porch lanterns?  Creative Lifestyle Blogger with House of Pixel Dust Julia DeLeeuw shows us how!

Supplies For Two Lantern Set:
Supplies Need
• 2×2 Pinewood 8ft long (x3)
• 1×8 Pinewood 2ft
• glue gun plus 5 to 6 glue sticks
• paint or stain
• 24 inch long -2×2 wood (x4) (taller pillars)
• 3 3/4 inch long 2×2 wood (x16) (slats)
• 15inch long - 2×2 wood (x4) (smaller pillars)
• 1 1/2 inch long - 2×2 wood (x8) (feet)
• 7 3/4 square - 1×8 wood (2) (platform)

No Wood Working Tools: Most hardware stores can cut your wood for you if you buy the wood from them. Second tip; to avoid needing fancy wood tools... use a hot glue gun instead of a nail gun. Hot glue works great on small to medium wood crafts like these lanterns. Be generous with your hot glue and you should have a super sturdy wood lantern in just a few simple steps.

Step One / Start with the Platform: Hot glue four of your wood feet to the bottom of your 1×8 wood square to make the platform. Tip: if the feet are not completely even and a little wobbly you can add a little hot glue to the bottom of the foot to create a little.

Step Two / Sides First: put together just two of your sides first by hot-gluing two 24 inches 2×2 pillars to the outside of two 3 3/4 2×2 slats to make a long rectangle. Hot glue cools fast. When you have your two long rectangles assembled take another 3 3/4 inch 2×2 slat and glue one of each on both bottoms and both tops to create a 3D rectangle lantern top.

Step Three / Top & Base: When you have your top all glued and cooled down and your bottom platform you can glue them together. Be very generous with your hot glue for this part. There is a lot of weight put on this section and the more hot glue the better.
Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the smaller 15-inch lantern.
Paint, Stain & Decorate to your unique style.

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