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Car stolen in Tooele with child inside; shelter in place lifted at Magna schools

Posted at 8:40 AM, Oct 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-15 14:21:45-04

MAGNA, Utah — Police are looking for a man suspected of stealing a car with a child inside in Tooele Tuesday morning.

The theft occurred near 1900 N 900 W in Tooele.

Guy Ashdown told FOX 13 his wife and son were in a Dodge Magnum waiting for his daughter as they were about to leave for school. Ashdowns said his wife went back to see what happened to the daughter, and that's when the car was stolen.

"As soon as she walked away from the car, [the suspect] ran up, got in the car and took off," Ashdown said. "[My son] was screaming at him: 'Who are you?' and the guy took off down the road, got down the road by some apartments, realized, and he told [my son] to 'Get the F out of the car'."

The boy was able to get out safely, and police found the stolen vehicle at another apartment complex in Magna, about 20 miles east of Tooele.

Police and school district officials placed three Magna schools on a "shelter in place" protocol as officers attempted to locate the suspect Those schools were Magna Elementary, Cyprus High School and Cyprus High's Brockbank Campus.

A Unified Police spokeswoman said there was no direct threat to the schools.

Police searched the car for evidence before returning it to Ashdown, and they questioned the boy for a better description of the suspect.

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