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Even though it’s getting colder, why you should plan time in nature

Posted at 2:56 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 16:56:46-04

Survival and Ancestral Skills Specialist Cat Bigney says even though it's getting cold outside, more time in nature could be the best prescription for overall health.

In fact, a current trend adopted by more and more health care providers, especially pediatricians, is to prescribe more time in nature, especially for obesity, hypertension, ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Cat says, "If you consider our species and what the human timeline has contained, it is easy to understand why we need time in nature. When so many other species were becoming extinct, we survived, with lack of significant fangs and claws, because of our innovations. It is the hallmark of our species. Many scientists and philosophers suspect that it was against the hardship of nature and unpredictable stimulus, that our intelligence evolved. Our innovations and technological advances have hit a peak in the last couple hundred years. Our brains may have adapted to a life in an apartment, acquiring food from a grocery store and spending a large about of time processing information online, yet, for a species that has lived in nature for millions of years, we have not biologically adapted as well to an indoor sedentary life. We need nature."

You don`t have to be an adventure enthusiast or survival expert to explore nature, but it is important, for your health, to find time to get outside.

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