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Finish your costumes with makeup and these 3 easy looks!

Posted at 2:44 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 16:44:48-04

Robyn White from Paint Night Pallet says she encourages people to embrace all things creative.  "Face painting is no different.  It's creative and festive for the holiday.  Plus, your kids will love you for trying," says White.

She joined us with three looks you can recreate for Halloween.

First look: comic book look.   Most of the makeup is what you use every day with a few enhancements:

-eye liner pencil, lip stick and bold eye shadow.
-the dots are what really make the look come together, these can be done with your eye liner pencil or with a fine tip paint brush

Second look: Jekyll and Hyde look. 

-only do half your makeup and leave the other half for face painting a monster
-this is done with a striped paint using a sponge paint brush.
-add a shark tooth at both ends
-outline all of it
-add dots to make it more intense

Third look: Sugar Skull (Day of the Dead) look.

-for this look, cover all of the large areas first, with sponge or square brushes.
-use fine point paint brush for all of the details.
-when adding details like flowers or circles, let the size of the paint brush do all of the work for you.

Products she uses:

-paint brushes (find at any store, just make sure there is a variety, square and fine point tip)
-spray bottle with water in it
-face paints
-if you are looking for a good price point and it`s local you can find face paints at JoAnns and Target. They range from $3-$12

You can find more information at: Facebook: Paint Night Pallet.