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Family discovers mysterious pills in Halloween favor, store pulls product from shelves

Posted at 10:33 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-02 03:33:30-04

Update 11/1-- Lindon Police said Friday that state crime lab tests came back as negative for any controlled or illegal substances, or poison. The police department said at this time, they will not be taking any further action.

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SALT LAKE CITY—As kids across Utah dig into their Halloween candy, a Utah County family is warning others about a disturbing discovery their kids made inside Halloween favors this week.

What the kids found, has now sparked a police investigation and led to a store pulling products off of its shelves.

On the biggest sugar rush night of the year, there's one main thing on kids' minds-- candy.

And when all the trick-or-treating is done, it's time to inspect the stash.

For Kristi Teshima, that inspection now means checking to make sure what her kids got is actual candy, instead of something else.

A couple of days ago, she said her 4-year old daughter Peyton and 6-year old son Rush opened Halloween favor boxes from a work party. The boxes feature a skeleton and Frankenstein on the front and say, "TRICK OR TREAT."

Peyton found stickers inside her favor box.

Rush, she said, found two pills. She took a picture of the ripped open box. It shows a light and dark green pill with what appears to be the Incredibles logo, and a white round pill.

Kristi said that a police officer had just visited Rush's class a couple days prior and talked about the danger of drugs in candy.

Her 6-year old immediately knew something wasn't right, and Kristi said he showed his grandmother the pills.

"He said, 'Mom I made sure that I didn't touch it, because I knew it wasn't good,'" Kristi said.

Lindon Police didn't think it was good, either.

The police department said they sent the pair of pills to the state crime lab for testing. They also contacted the store where the favors came from and said that the store removed all the products from the shelves.

Lindon Police said they looked through the remaining inventory from the store, but didn't find any other pills. They also said they haven't taken any other reports.

While Lindon Police said they believe this may be an isolated incident, they are warning parents to look through their kids' Halloween candy.

"Whether or not these pills are very dangerous-- which I've been told they are-- or if they're just Tylenol, I don't care," she said. What she cares about, is the safety of her children.

She now hopes that as kids eat their way through their Halloween candy, that parents are keeping a close eye on what it is that their kids are opening.

Lindon Police expect to have the results from the crime lab back soon. The store where the favors were sold declined to comment on the situation.