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Shop your closet for these last-minute Halloween looks

Posted at 3:55 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-31 17:55:20-04

If you've procrastinated your Halloween costume this year, or if you don't care about dressing up but don't want to disappoint your children, Emily Blodgett of Bus Stop Mama has some last minute ideas from items you can find in your home.

"Not everyone likes dressing up on Halloween but we all want to create good memories for our children. Some of my favorite costumes were born out of necessity and put together from items I already have. Sometimes the costumes we create are more fun than the ones we buy! (Except my Rainbow Brite costume which is AMAZING!!!) Here are a few fast and easy costumes everyone can get on board with. Or even just tolerate.

Skeleton (this costume doubles for Dia de los Muertos!)
Black clothing
Print and cut out skeleton bones

Taylor Swift
Sparkly jacket
Black clothing

Sheet or large piece of fabric
Draw eyes or cut out black paper to make eyes

Price is Right contestant
Large yellow paper cut in shape of a price tag
Even better if you have a shirt with a funny saying

Ice Cream Sundae
Shirt in your favorite color of ice cream
or a bright coat
Construction paper cut in long ovals (sprinkles)
Tissue paper or white beanie for whip cream
Red ball or balloon for the cherry
OR red beanie for the cherry

Crossing guard (candy crossing)
Bright construction vest
Stop sign

TY beanie baby tag for your pet

Bunch of grapes
Purple balloons safety pinned to dark clothing
Green tissue paper on headband for leaf

T-shirt in any color
Print out large M

Stop light
Construction paper cut in circles

Red light green light
Make an octagon out of cardboard or something sturdy
Paint each side, color with construction paper, or print STOP

Stick figure
Black clothing
glow sticks

Winter coat
White sheet with opening for head
Black circles for coal buttons
Belt around the waist to create the poofy shape

Make it simple, make it fun and enjoy yourself this Halloween!"