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Birth mother runs into birth daughter at a mall, stops by to tell what happened

Posted at 2:49 PM, Nov 04, 2019

Imagine being out in public, going about your normal day, then suddenly the daughter you placed for adoption 17 years ago is standing right behind you! That's exactly what happened to Gina Crotts, local author, and birth mother. Crotts shares this experience and her adoption journey in her first book: A Seemingly Unfillable Heart; an Adoption Journey.

"Had I never found the courage to go through with the pregnancy, had I chose to get an abortion and let her, and all of it disappear as if nothing happened, she wouldn't be sitting here next to me," said Gina.

Told with vulnerability and raw truth, A Seemingly Unfillable Heart will take you on a journey of bravery, heartache, and self-discovery. Grab a box of tissues!

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