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There are only three more days to take these Harry Potter-themed classes

Posted at 2:52 PM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-06 16:52:10-05

Just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean you have to give up magic! Whisperwood and Co. in Bountiful is celebrating Wizarding Week starting Nov. 4, 2019 where they invite you to craft like Harry and Hermione, on the cheap! : Creative directors Mandy McLachlan and Julie Porter stopped by to tell us what's "in store" for both their Wizarding Week, and the boutique!

They said:

"We are a boutique in Bountiful featuring local crafters. We sell hand-made home decor, wreaths, floral arrangements, corn bags, bath bombs, artisan custom jewelry. We have a Harry Potter section in the store with lots of hand-crafted wizarding items. Wizard Week will have Potter-inspired craft classes the week of Nov. 9, every day starting  at 6 pm. There will be house sorting, care of magical creatures, divination, charms, and transfiguration classes. Each class gets you a raffle ticket for open house giveaways on Saturday, Nov. 9  from 1-3 pm. Dress up or bring a friend gets you extra raffle tickets. Fun for Wizards and Muggles of all ages."

Find out more on Facebook or Instagram! Or you can call them at 801-292-4608.

The store is located at 88 S. Main St. in Bountiful.


Join us for a fun week of classes inspired by Harry Potter as well as an open house Saturday afternoon! To register for a class, please stop by Whisperwood, call 801-292-4608, or send a message! Photos of each class item can be found in the discussion area!

All classes during the week start at 6 PM.

Wednesday: Divination Class! See the world a whole new way with your own laser cut Spectrespecs! Decorate your piece with paint and other supplies. $15

Thursday: Charms Class! Choose pieces that tell your story! These can be added to a bracelet, key chain, or bookmark.

Friday: Transfiguration Class! Sculpt your own Pygmy Puff! You will create your little character and paint it before attaching it to the puff!

Saturday: Hogwarts Open House 1-3 PM. Join us for HP themed refreshments, trivia, give aways and more!