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Teens camp out for prized ‘first chair’ spot on opening day

Posted at 6:38 PM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 20:38:34-05

PARK CITY, Utah—As the snow begins to fall across many parts of Utah, ski resorts are preparing to welcome skiers and snowboarders.

Some resorts have already started up the chairlifts, and Friday Park City Mountain will join that list.

“There is nothing more to be thankful for sometimes than a little early Thanksgiving snow," Jessica Miller, Communications Manager at Park City Mountain said.

While the fresh snow is wonderful, Miller said Park City Mountain has the largest snowmaking operation of any resort in Utah and they are prepared to open. The snowmaking machines were blowing Thursday. The taste of winter weather in October was also helpful, Miller said.

“We got some really great low temps in October and our expert snowmakers were able to get out there, work really hard and blow some snow," she said.

The resort was busy Thursday as people prepared for the big opening day. Park City teenagers Rafe Danos and William Sangster were out scoping out the area before opening day. The friends are hoping to snag the prized 'first chair' spot Friday morning.

“Last year, we had a couple friends who went to the high school with us who are known for getting it, I don't know, maybe the fourth year in a row. So we were like, ‘ Man, we’ve got to go early," Sangster said. The duo camped out for three days last year just for the spot. This year with their competition off at college, they say they will only stay Thursday night.

It's worth the wait, Danos said.

“Last year we were here for three days before camping out. And then when we finally got on the chair, skis above the snow it was amazing," he said.

The addition of fresh snow is an added bonus, Sangster said.

“It’s just so happy to look out and see all the snow," he said.

Fresh snow is good for business, as well, Abby Brock, Marketing and Public relations manager Sundance Resort, said.

“Mother nature really helps us thrive by bringing us the snow because more snow does equal more people," she said.

It was an exciting day to see the snow falling, Brock said.

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