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Biggest snow complaint from Ogden residents is roads 

Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 20:45:11-05

ODGEN, Utah—It may not technically be winter, but it certainly looked like and felt like it in Ogden Wednesday. 

The neighborhoods were filled with children building snowmen and having snowball fights as parents shoveled away the snow from the walkways. Employees were busy adding salt to the sidewalks to avoid falls. Most people didn’t seem to mind the snow or cold. 

“I love it. It makes me feel at home,” Brandon Harris, who lives in Ogden, said. 

Others, would rather stay inside and watch the snow from the warmth of a coffee shop, like Coffee Links in Ogden. 

“I like a nice warm drink when it's snowing out,” barista Eric Bond said. 

Several people came through the coffee shop in downtown Ogden to get a warm drink and take a quick break from the snow.

The biggest, and only real complaint, people seemed to have about the snow was the roads. Wondering if the roads will be clear, was something on Harris’ mind. 

“I’m just kind of worried that they’re [snow plows] not going to get out there really enough because we are going to be driving early,” he said 

A spokesperson for UDOT said there are 530 snowplows across the state all ready to go if need be. Most plows will be moving snow around the clock through the storm, as long as the conditions are safe.