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What expectant moms like about St. Mark’s teleOBGYN visits, and how it works

Posted at 2:05 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 16:05:58-05

There are a lot of five-star reviews for St. Mark's office of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with a mothers praising their deliveries and doctors visits. And now, it's even easier to get that critically acclaimed care! Now, qualified expectant mothers can participate in virtual office visits with St. Mark's OBGYN. The main benefit of these visits is convenience, whether you have other children you don't want to drag to the doc with you, or maybe you live in a rural area and don't want to drive several hours!

We met a mother named Shilo who lives in Elko, NV, who just had her baby two weeks ago. She said her teleOB visits saved her so much time and gas money. She said it was also "really easy" to use the at-home testing kit and heart rate monitor that she purchased from St. Mark's OBGYN for $150 to be able to report her readings in the virtual visits.

Dr. Sean Edmunds with St. Mark's OBGYN says it is completely safe for moms to do these tests, which would normally be done in the office.

"There are some visits that have to be done in the office, and some pregnancies do not qualify for the teleOB service," Dr. Edmunds adds. "But for moms who are approved to participate, they get the same personalized care that they would get in-person."

To learn more about the service, you can contact visit or call 801.268.6811.