Rapper in critical condition after Chuck E. Cheese shooting

Posted at 8:21 AM, Dec 03, 2019

CORDOVA, Tenn. —  A Memphis rapper who goes by Casino Jizzle was the victim in Saturday's shooting outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova, according to his manager.

Police identified the victim as Robert Tunstall. The 23-year-old man was rushed to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

According to authorities, Tunstall and his girlfriend were inside the Chuck E. Cheese on North Germantown Parkway redeeming tickets when he told her he was going out to his vehicle. Several minutes later he returned with a gunshot wound.

Investigators said they located a handgun on the ground outside and one spent shell casing.

Tunstall's manager, Angie Strange, said he is in ICU with a gunshot wound to the back and chest, but is expected to be OK.

Friends said Tunstall was at Chuck E. Cheese with his girlfriend and her kids.

This isn’t the first time Tunstall has been involved in violent crime. He pleaded guilty to felony theft and robbery in 2014, and Memphis Police say they got a call earlier this year about a drive-by shooting in his Hickory Hill neighborhood.

Tunstall’s sister told police she believed her brother was the target in that shooting.

Strange said Tunstall, aka Casino Jizzle, is unsigned but has interest from major music labels, and he's trying to change his life. Just four days before the shooting, he was giving out Thanksgiving meals in Memphis.

“I know he’s a gangster rapper but he’s used his music to change his life," she told WREG. "He’s got major labels looking at him & has had good local success. He’s worked hard to become a positive person & we’ve been very proud of his progress as an artist & as a man.”

Police recovered surveillance video which  showed the victim walking outside. There was reportedly a flash followed by the victim running back into the building.

WREG has been unable to reach Chuck E. Cheese' corporate office to get a copy of that video.