Ohio family wakes up to find stranger with broken nose, black eyes asleep on couch

Posted at 9:03 AM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-06 11:03:46-05

MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – Jay Goodman says he and his wife assumed that a loud noise that woke them up early Sunday morning was their cat knocking something over.

“I popped up and was like, 'What is that?'" Goodman said.

The couple went back to sleep, but when Jay's wife later got up to make coffee, she discovered an intruder had staggered into their home through an unlocked door and passed out.

“She says, 'Jay, there's a strange guy sleeping on our couch. And I'm half asleep. I said 'What?' She said, ‘There's a strange guy sleeping on our couch.' I walk out to the living room and sure enough there's this guy that I've never seen before completely passed out," he said.

Goodman said his first instinct was to arm himself with a baseball bat to protect his family and then he called 911.

"I don't know who this person is. I don't know if he is drunk or what," he told the dispatcher.

Medina police quickly responded and arrested 30-year-old Colin Febus on a charge of burglary.

Febus told WJW the last thing he remembered that night was drinking at a local bar. Febus, sporting a broken nose and two black eyes, said he was beaten up by an unknown person and was then dropped off at the wrong house.

“I'm upset about it because I don't know exactly what happened,”  Febus said.

He apologized to the Goodman family.

“I'm very sympathetic for them. I apologize for it, it's not my demeanor at all. I'm a good citizen and I want them to be aware that I'm sorry for my actions,” he said.

“I don't have any ill will towards the guy. I mean, thankfully, nothing happened to me, nothing happened to my family,” Goodman said. “I would just say, 'Get help man.' You know if you're waking up on a complete stranger's couch, you might need to go seek out some help.”

After his home was invaded, Goodman decided to install new surveillance cameras and a security system.