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Woman says semi driver took off after slamming into her car on I-15

Posted at 6:04 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 20:04:13-05

SANDY, Utah — A Utah woman was hit by a semi-truck driver along Interstate 15 and said the driver kept going.

Gina Combe was driving home from a weekend with her family Sunday morning on I-15 Southbound near the Southtowne Mall in Sandy when a semitruck slammed into her.

“It was that close to my head, and I just kept thinking, 'I’m next,'” Combe said.

Trying to keep her hands tight on the wheel, Combe said the truck hit her left bumper while passing her in the left lane. The truck kept scraping her car, and Combe said she felt like she was stuck to it.

“When the semi hit me, it, like, knocked out the glass in my driver's window,” she said.

The force of the truck, passing her at around 70 miles per hour, caused Combe’s car to spin across three lanes of traffic, over an exit, and crashing into a fence.

Combe said she narrowly avoided hitting several cars as she spun across the freeway.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not hitting them, just make it across the road,’ and I made it,” she said.

Her husband said his heart dropped as soon as he saw a text from her telling him she’d been hit on the freeway.

“It’s a small car, and that’s a big semi that hit her,” he said.

The worst part for the Combes is wondering where the driver is and why he didn’t stop after passing and hitting her.

“We haven’t heard from him — he fled the scene,” Combe said. “There were people from behind who said he pulled over for a sec, but then we never heard from him.”

Combe asks if anyone saw the accident or knows the trucking company the driver is with, to please give Utah Highway Patrol a call.