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Six ideas for thoughtful gifts around the holidays or all year long

Posted at 3:29 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 17:31:11-05

It’s called the giving season, but all too often that is overshadowed by the gifting season.

Why not combine both and give a thoughtful gift to that special someone this holiday.

All too often we are glued to phones and social media seems to take precedence over connecting with loved ones.

That`s why this season, Wild Women Tribe is banding together with some of our most loyal community collaborators and leaders on a campaign to 'look up'. They're challenging you to look up and set aside the distraction, the hurry, and the technology.

Here are six thoughtful gifts you can give that will help you look up and connect with that special someone:

  1. Give an experience: Offer to babysit for someone while the parents get a night to spend quality time together. Can`t afford to go to Paris? Create a 'Paris for the night' experience complete with macaroons, French homecooked dinner, and private screening of 'Breakfast at Tiffany`s'.
  2. Relive the memories: Write a letter or short story recounting a favorite memory, or print out digital images and present it to them in a scrapbook.
  3. Make something yummy: The way to someone`s heart is through their stomach so pour your love into a homemade meal or treat.
  4. Coupons for chores they dislike: 'IOUs' for dishes, oil changes, cleaning out the garage, running to Costco. It`ll show them you really care enough to 'take one for the team.
  5. Write them a love note: Gestures and actions are great but nothing really beats a good, old fashioned expression of love and admiration. Write down all the qualities, talents, characteristics and quirks that you love most.
  6. Give back together: Bond over a service project that helps others improve their quality of life or situation.