Malnourished dog finds forever home after sneaking into random house

Posted at 1:11 PM, Dec 17, 2019

A sneaky pup in Pennsylvania needed a place to stay so she took matters into her own paws and found an open home, literally.

In the middle of the night on Saturday, a malnourished dog looking for shelter found an open door while limping down the street, according to a report by WTRF.  Security video caught the dog walking in the door around 3:15 a.m.

Resident Jack Jokinen found the dog when he woke up, assuming she had used some kind of Houdini-style magic.

“There was just a puppy in the first floor of our house with all the windows closed and locked,” Jokinen said. “So, it may be a magician puppy. Very freaky.”

Another look at the video camera, however, shows that about 20 minutes after the dog walked into the home, a concerned neighbor saw the family’s door was open and closed it.  Jokinen said he probably didn’t shut the door all the way before going to bed, and the wind could have blown it open the rest of the way.

The dog ended up choosing the right door. The Jokinen family gladly took her in, and is making her the fifth member of their four-piece family, complete with a baby and another dog named George.

The family is keeping the new dog and naming her Suzy.