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Parenting with Purpose: Techniques to use when kids misbehave

Posted at 10:53 AM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 17:08:43-05

Katie Nelson realized in 2006 that she needed to create a parenting program when she started seeing some "holes" in one of the most popular parenting programs out there.

"There was a strong emphasis on following through with children and holding them accountable, but not enough about building and maintaining the relationship between the parent and child," Katie said.

Katie told us that the purpose of her program Lead Guide Walk Beside is to educate and support parents as they strengthen the relationship with their children.

"I teach specific skills to improve the adult’s behavior while parenting, as well as techniques to improve the child’s behavior," Katie said.

She specifically helped Amanda address a problem she has often with her kindergartner: Him testing boundaries by not listening.

Katie said when a child this age is not listening, or is showing "big emotions" like anger or sadness - that's actually age-appropriate, so parents should not join in. She advises parents instead to validate the child's emotion - for example, "I know you are not wanting to listen because you want to finish your game" - and once you see that you have the child's attention, then ask him or her!

She added that praising the child when they do something right is another way to ensure lasting good behavior.

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