Massive 60-foot alligator bonfire built on Mississippi River levee

Posted at 10:45 AM, Dec 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-19 12:45:12-05

(WGNO) – Only in Louisiana.

HUGE Alligator Bonfire has been constructed on the Mississippi River Levee in Garyville in anticipation for the annual bonfires of Christmas Eve held in St James and St John Parishes.

Measuring nearly 60 feet from head to tail, this alligator is quite a sight to see. It measures 25-feet at its widest.

The annual tradition of the bonfires is like no other residents say. It’s an event that takes place every year in St James and St John Parishes with the communities of Garyville, Lutcher, and Paulina.

The annual bonfires of Christmas Eve along River Road are something truly magical to see, and thousands of people now make this a yearly tradition.

The reason for the bonfires? Rumor has it that the bonfires help light the way for “Papa Noel,” the Cajun name of Santa Claus, on Christmas. Weather permitting, this alligator bonfire, along with more than a dozen others will be lit at 7PM on Christmas Eve.

Photos from Joshua Weidert from Blood, Sweat, Tears