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FedEx driver goes above and beyond to help parents with Christmas gift

Posted at 10:08 PM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 00:08:05-05

STANSBURY PARK, Utah — Ten-year-old Amber McDonald heard the doorbell ring while playing games on the computer in her Stansbury Park Home, Saturday night.

“When I opened it, I didn’t see anything, I just saw the FedEx guy,” she said.

What Amber didn’t know — the “FedEx guy” had her Christmas present.

“Are your parents home?” the delivery driver asked.

Replaying their doorbell camera footage, Amber and her mom, Heather, smile at what the man then does while Amber goes to get her mom.

As the door opened, he moved in front of the package, hiding the gift from view.

After he left, Heather and Amber struggled to carry the large box into their house.

“It was bigger than me,” Amber said.

That’s when Amber noticed what was written the bottom of the box: "Bicycle riding can be hazardous."

“'It’s a bike!' And she gets all excited,” Heather said.

The gift discovered did not, however, ruin Amber's Christmas—in fact, the efforts made by the “FedEx guy” warmed their hearts, making a Christmas always to be remembered.

“He could’ve just left it at the door,” Amber said.

Heather was very touched by such a small act of kindness and said she is trying to get in touch with the FedEx driver to thank him, personally.

“It was very touching to see that kind of concern of how she would feel,” Heather said.

In a statement, a FedEx spokesperson said, “FedEx is extremely proud of team members like this who are going above and beyond to deliver the holidays for our customers around the globe.”