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Chad Daybell had a “vision” his wife Tammy would die, friend says

Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-27 19:25:49-05

Julie Rowe believes in energy and talking with angels.

Rowe said both she and Chad Daybell had a vision where angels told them Daybell’s wife, Tammy would die.

“He would never hurt a child, he’s raised five beautiful amazing kids that I love like my own and he would never hurt Tammy,” said Rowe.

Daybell and Rowe first met each other in 2014 when Daybell helped publish Rowe’s book about a near-death experience she had in 2004.

“God brought us together,” said Rowe.

The two became good friends, and Rowe said she would visit the Daybell’s in their Springville, Utah home “dozens of times.”

There was a three year period of time where Rowe would visit Daybell and his wife in their Rexburg home at least once a month.

Daybell and Rowe often talked about a vision they both had years ago where angels told them Tammy would die.

“He was emotionally distraught, he was crying and he said that his angels had told him that he was going to lose Tammy,” said Rowe.

After her ex-communication from the Church, Rowe said they distanced themselves from each other.

Three weeks before Tammy’s death, Rowe and Daybell called each other.

“And I asked him, do you still see Tammy dying? And he said yes I do,” said Rowe.

Tammy was in charge of the finances and covers for Daybell’s books. Rowe said Daybell wanted to get out of the business, but Tammy wanted to keep going.

“He said I’m ready to get out now and Tammy doesn’t want to get out. When she passes, I’m done, I can’t keep doing this,” said Rowe.

Now, Rowe hasn’t heard from Daybell and any of his children—she has not reached out to Daybell himself, but his daughter has not responded to her texts.

Rowe has never met Daybell’s new wife, Lori Vallow, but can vouch for Daybell’s character.

Not knowing were the kids and Daybell are, Rowe said she relies on her visions for comfort—she believes the kids are alive.

“I do know the kids are safe. I can see them,” said Rowe. “I can see their energy and that they’re in a bright house. I can see they’re in the living room where they are. I can see they’re comfortable bed at night.”