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Free and cheap New Year’s Eve games for the whole family

Posted at 2:38 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 16:38:21-05

If you're staying in tonight, and want to stay awake till the ball drops, try these home-grown games for festive fun this evening. Emily Blodgett with Bus Stop Mama shares her favorites with us:

"Today, I brought some great games, added a twist to some, and even made up my own. I also have crafts to keep kids of all ages entertained."


1. Googly Eyes
2. Spot it
3. Scavenger hunt

4. Pin the _____ on the _____. Examples:
Tail on the donkey
Horn on the unicorn
Nose on the clown
Tail on the cat
Spider on the web
Nose on Olaf

There's endless options for this. Find a giant coloring page, copy what part you want them to pin on and make as many of those as you need. Then color the main picture and have fun!

5. Games with a twist
Blindfold Jenga
Blindfold Cornhole
These games are sure to bring laughter out of everyone when you can't see what you`re doing!
Maybe the men should have a blindfold lipstick contest?

We're all obsessed with the Masked Singer so I HAD to bring this one home.

The Masked Singer
What you need: Costumes, masks (can have masks only, or full costume disguises)
Let the kids be the judges so your silliest side comes out!
Blindfold catwalk
What you need: ALL THE COSTUMES
How to play:
2 teams; each player pairs up with someone on the other team who chooses their costume and helps them get dressed. Then they have to walk down the 'catwalk' blindfolded. Keep your catwalk to 4 or 5 steps to keep everyone safe!
Participants win prizes for categories like
Best walk
Best turn
Best use of accessories
Biggest emotion
Best attitude
Blue Steel
Most likely to be a runway model
Most likely to keep their day job
Best in heels
Best hair

1. Build a maze/ obstacle course using all your boxes from Christmas then have the children (of all ages) go through it blindfolded

2. Pom pom hat with used up wrapping paper or tissue paper

3. Mod podge balls with your extra yarn"

For more ideas, follow Bus Stop Mama onInstagram or Facebook.