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5 ways to make your home Autism-friendly

Posted at 2:16 PM, Jan 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-06 16:16:40-05

Natalie Castro is an Autism sibling, and one of her sister's main caretakers. She noticed that home and lifestyle can be supportive of one's Autism journey, and now shares her insight with individuals and families through her business, Pieces of Inspiration. Natalie stopped by today and gave us 5 tips for making our homes more friendly to those living with Autism.

1. Lifestyle
2. Content Planning
3. The Creative Formula
4. Adapting
5. Design


Being an Autism sibling and co-guardian to my sister, I have used my personal and professional expertise to support families in their journey of Autism. Being able to adapt and design our home and lifestyle has impacted our sibling bond and the development of my sister, Angie, which is why I believe so much in coaching families on adapting and designing their lifestyle to positively impact their family lifestyle. I have a collaborative creative partner and together we design and customize spaces whether it be in a classroom, therapy center or in business spaces. We also provide adapt and design business trainings and parent workshops to educate on how adaptations can be implemented and personalized to benefit and have a positive impact on child development.

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