Big tech companies hit the Las Vegas strip for CES 2020

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 07, 2020

LAS VEGAS - The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started up for 2020 on Tuesday and with it comes some impressive pieces of tech.

Samsung is proving it's still a tech giant that's not to be messed with. The company revealed a few major gadgets that are bound to excite a lot of people.


There's a new smart assistant coming soon that'll help you get several things done around the house.

Samsung's 'Ballie' looks like a yellow tennis ball and follows you while you're home.

It's equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a camera and a mobile interface.

Ballie can activate smart home object to help keep your house clean and your life easier.

No release date or price has been announced yet.

Bot Chef or Cobot

Samsung also teased some a gadget to help you out in the kitchen.

Bot Chef may look like a super-advanced cooking robot, but it's only intended to help you prepare meals.

The robotic kitchen assistant can download and display recipes on a nearby smart device.

AR Fitness with GEMS

Samsung is blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

The tech giant showed off its 'GEMS' tech at CES. It's short for Gait Enhancing & Motivating system.

It pairs with Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to create a custom fitness experience.

Courtesy: Samsung

Sero TV

Samsung is likely hoping their new TV can create some buzz with its screen that can be horizontal and vertical.

Users can stream their smartphone displays to it and the Sero TV rotates to match whether it's straight-up or on its side.

The new smart TV has a 43-inch 8K display.

Sero, which means 'vertical' in Korean, rolled out in South Korea last year, the company plans to launch it in several global markets this year.

No price or order date has been announced yet.

Phyn home water monitoring device

If you're passionate about saving water in your home, the 'Phyn' home water monitoring system could stop you from flushing excess water and money down the drain.

Phyn is installed underneath a kitchen sink by the plumbing and it will tell you how much water is being used by every fixture in your home.

It will also let you know if there is a leak anywhere in your home.

Phyn costs $300. You can install it by yourself with the help of a video tutorial supplied by the company or by a licensed plumber.

Zibrio Smart Scale

A new technologically enhanced scale called 'Zibrio' tells you how much you weigh and how your balance is too.

It can then use your balance measurement to calculate your risks of falling because of it.

Andrea Case-Rodgers from Zibrio Inc. says, "Most people don’t realize their balance changes from one day to the next and this helps give people an early alert for when their balance starts to deteriorate."

The smart scale works with an app to help you improve your balance and lower your fall risk.

Zibrio can be pre-ordered online for $250 and will ship in April.

Trova safe storage device

Keeping your personal items safe is important, regardless of whether it's at home or at work. Now new tech is hoping to help you keep your valuables in a secure spot.

Trova connects to an app that uses biometric security, so your fingerprint or your face, to unlock it.

The smaller ones cost $250 and the larger ones cost $700.

CES 2020 runs from Tuesday 7th January until Friday 10th January.