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How to make your 2020 Vision Board, and how it will help you achieve your goals

Posted at 2:20 PM, Jan 07, 2020

Visualizing yourself succeeding is one of the proven ways to actually succeed.

In a study by Australian Psychologist, Alan Richardson, a group of basketball players who needed improvement on free-throws were divided into 3 groups:

  • the first group practiced free throws every day for 20 days
  • the second group practiced free throws on the 1st and 20th days
  • the third group also practiced free throws on the 1st and 20th days but in addition to this they spent 20 minutes visualizing their free throws every day

The results show just how important the visualization piece is; the group who added visualization and only practiced TWICE were virtually as good as the 1st  group who practiced every day for 20 days!

So my takeaway is a little action and A LOT of visualizing will help you achieve your 2020 goals. That's why I'm a big believer in vision boards!

Vision boards are visual representations of our goals. If you want to visit Hawaii this year, hang a picture of it somewhere you'll see it everyday and your odds will increase that you'll get there! Want to drink more water? Do more yoga? Put pictures of them on your vision board and you'll be reminded to do it, and any fear of doing it will slip away as you get more and more used to visualizing yourself doing it!

Our vision board also helps us make intentions, rather than goals. Goals are results in the future, intentions are processes in the now. Let go of results, and set intentions with actions you can take right now.

Example of a goal: I lose 20 pounds.

Example of an intention: I go to the gym twice a week and am grateful for my fit, healthy body.

Which one looks more doable? Which one is a process you can do now?

Intentions also focus on feelings. Notice how my intention had the feeling "grateful" in it? That gives us more personal power over our daily experience of this intention, because you can ALWAYS create that feeling in yourself and experience instant manifestation.

Hanging our vision board where we can see it will help us focus on our intentions every day, and raise our vibrations to meet those intentions. When we visualize our success, we are more likely to succeed!

If you want a free vision board kit, including free printable quotes and photos, email me at hello (at)!  And you can find more inspiration on my website,

Happy Visualizing!