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Man stole car but left his ID behind, police say

Posted at 11:43 AM, Jan 07, 2020

WOODS CROSS - A car theft at a dealership could have a big impact on the bottom line of this small business owner.

On Monday afternoon a suspect came to Frontline Auto Sales. He arranged to take a 2017 Toyota Corolla for a test drive.

The suspect left a photocopy of his Utah driver's license and then, a video shows, he drives off. The man supposedly left with the car to get his own inspection.

He never returned.

Woods Cross Police are currently trying to confirm all of that before they release his name to the public.

The car dealer is now out a key piece of inventory. This loss could be devastating to Gus Valdovinos.

Right now the car dealer just wants his vehicle back. Being a smaller car dealership, there is a very slim margin for profit.

Woods Cross Police ask you to call 801-292-4422 if you recognize the suspect or know where the vehicle is located.