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Utah’s congressional delegation offers words of support and condemnation after Iran missile attacks

Posted at 8:32 AM, Jan 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 10:32:19-05

SALT LAKE CITY –  Iran claims it launched missiles at an Iraqi base where U.S. troops are housed.

Most of Utah’s congressional representatives have issued statements offering outrage at the attacks and support for the American troops.

Utah’s senior senator, Mike Lee, says he wants the U.S. to deescalate the tensions in the area.

Sen. Mike Lee says that he will continue to “push to bring back our troops back from the region.”

“Thankfully, no Americans were harmed by last night’s missile attack. Whether further military action is warranted is a question that should be answered by Congress. The U.S. should seek to deescalate these raised tensions and I will continue to push to bring our troops back from the region.”

Utah’s junior senator, Mitt Romney expressed concern for the U.S. troops. He also condemned Iran’s attacks.

Sen. Romney says, in part, that condemns Iran’s attacks, “which targeted US, coalition, and Iraqi military personnel.”

The representative of Utah’s 3rd District, John Curtis, says he is closely monitoring the situation in Iran and Iraq.

The representative of Utah’s 2nd District, Chris Stewart, says that the U.S. should gather more details before determining the “appropriate response.”

Stewarts also says, “I am praying for the safety & well being of our service members & civilians overseas, as well as their families back home. My prayers are also with our national security leaders during this difficult and delicate time.”

Rep. Ben Adams of Utah’s 4th District says he is praying for American soldiers, personnel, and their families.