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New “must eats” for 2020 from Salt Lake Foodie

Posted at 2:08 PM, Jan 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-09 16:08:45-05

Chase from Salt Lake Foodie has been trying out some of the valley's newest restaurants and has a list of three "must eats" for 2020.

Warrens - South Jordan Roy, Ogden, Syracuse.

This place is new to the valley, but is well established up north.  We're talking 65+ years old!  Chase says, "When I first discovered Warrens I was excited to try what everyone north of me has been enjoying for years. I've made MANY visits at this point and still trying new items each time, the menu is HUGE! The mushroom 'n Swiss burger is a must try! You can tell they make it fresh everyday, the mushrooms are perfectly grilled combined with the swiss cheese plus the fresh bun is a perfect introduction to what they are about, FRESH homemade tasting food."

Ombu Hot Pot - Salt Lake City

Chase says he was already addicted to Ombu Grill, so what did they do?  Created Ombu Hot Pot!  It's a similar concept of all-you-can-eat and cooking at the table.  Chase says, "I thought the grill had a large menu, hot pot has over 100 menu items. You order from an iPad, which is perfect for visualizing what you are ordering, some items you might not be familiar with BUT you must try. You'll find more familiar items like spicy beef, pork belly, and shrimp. However the menu also has many Chinese traditional items like fish rolls, hot pot fish balls, and you have to try the tofu wrapped fish squares! Of course what is Hot Pot without an amazing broth? Their broth is PACKED with flavor and they have a few broths to choose from. First visit I'd try the bone broth and the spicy broth, this a tasty starting point. This again like the grill is a perfect spot for great conversation during dinner, the experience gets you talking and sharing bites."

Toro Toro Mexican - Salt Lake City

Chase says he could happily live off just Mexican food.  So he sets his standards high with this cuisine.  And he says -- Toro Toro delivers!  It's in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City with walking distance from City Creek, hello parking.  Chase says, "My first visit I had the Chilaquiles with both red and green salsa (you have to ask) and my jaw dropped to the table. FINALLY a restaurant in Salt Lake that can deliver the flavor this dish demands. Speaking of their chips, I've never had "free" chips taste so great. You can tell they are in house made and have a special seasoning. The street tacos have a fun spin by using hand cut fries as a topping. At first I thought the fries would take away from the tacos but NO it added a delicious addition!"

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