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Top gadgets for 2020 from CES

Posted at 2:21 PM, Jan 09, 2020

All eyes are on CES this week in Las Vegas, including Jesse Stays'.  He joined us with some of the top gadgets for 2020.

Here's his list:
• Health tech: The sensors are getting smarter! Gadgets such as the Healbe Gobe3 boast the ability to track calories and body moisture, while other gadgets are touting technology you can wear in your ears to track your blood pressure. There is no doubt we will see these same types of sensors in gadgets like Apple's Airpods and the Apple Watch.
• The personal assistant that goes everywhere. Amazon released just in the last year an Amazon Alexa assistant that you can use in your car to play music, take notes, make phone calls and more. They also released a ring you can wear and use as an assistant like the Echo. Google is also improving its assistant products to read in a more friendly tone and is working on similar tech you can take anywhere.
• The robots continue to take over your home: iRobot has released a new robot vacuum that both mops your floor and recharges back in a charger that is much smarter than its previous products. Working with the new Roomba s9+ vacuum one can sweep first before the other one mops, and you can tell it which rooms to clean! At the same time there are new robots that will vacuum your stairs, clean your windows, cook your food, and more.

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