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Holladay woman vanishes while on work trip in Florida

Posted at 9:23 PM, Jan 10, 2020


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Police in Fort Lauderdale are searching for a Utah woman who went missing while on a work trip this week.

Kelly Glover was last seen at The Westin Fort Lauderdale Thursday at 2 a.m. Her husband, Adam Bremer, said she was last seen on security footage heading to the exit stairs, but there is no footage of her actually outside. She was last seen wearing a white shawl, with socks but no shoes on, and holding a water bottle.

“We are missing an amazing woman. We just need her home,” Bremer said through tears.

She was staying with a friend who said she noticed Kelly was missing a few hours later and frantically began searching for her.

Fort Lauderdale Police sent dive teams into a nearby body of water Friday. That search came up empty. Police also searched with dogs and a helicopter, Bremer said.

As soon as Bremer heard his wife was missing, he headed to Florida. More family members made their way to help with the search Friday.

“The unknown is probably the hardest part," Kelly's cousin Ryan Glover said.

Now, the family is asking everyone to help find Kelly.

“I think social media can be very powerful," Bremer said. "Like, post and repost and repost and repost until we find her."

Bremer is asking people in the area to join the search, to look for anything unusual and help spread the word.

“Please get up ... look around, go to your neighbor’s house,” he said.

This is an extremely difficult time for the family and they just want their loved one found safe.

“She’s got a sweet spirit and she’s a very sweet girl and she has a big heart. She’s a good person, an amazing wife. She’s my best friend,” Bremer said.

If you have any information you can call Fort Lauderdale police at 954-764-HELP (4357).

“We got to find her, we got to find her. I need everybody’s prayers and hopefully we can bring her home,” Bremer said.