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Sloppy Joe sandwiches made easy with Jafflz

Posted at 11:00 AM, Jan 10, 2020

Meryl van der Merwe created Jafflz, single-serve toasted pockets offered in the Natural Foods sections of grocery stores.  They're coming to Harmons in January 2020.  You can already find them at Smith's.

Meryl has even been featured on QVC and got a ringing endorsement from Emeril himself.

Jafflz feature all natural ingredients and are ideal for those resolving to enter the new year by eating healthier without sacrificing flavor.  Jafflz features some of the cleanest ingredients found in the natural foods section.  There's no added sugar in the bread, and little to o added sugar elsewhere, and never any hormones, nitrates or antibiotics in any Jaffz recipe.  They also use 100 percent local grass-fed beef.

Savory or sweet, Jaffz are ideal for any meal or snack.

In addition to Sloppy Joe, which Chef Meryl demonstrated on The Place, there is also Ham, Egg & Cheese, Chicken Enchiladas, Vegan Indian Curry, Mac n' Cheese, Cheese Pizza and Apple Pie!

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