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5 Goals for the moms who didn’t have time to set resolutions

Posted at 2:18 PM, Jan 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-13 16:18:12-05

Melissa Sacket, the Difficult Mommy blogger, says at times moms can get so busy that they don't have time to think, let alone set resolutions for New Year's.

She says, "I know this year I was so busy that the only resolution I set is to keep my head above water. However, after a few weeks of hearing everyone else setting goals, I felt guilty and came up with a few that even the busiest mom can find time to do. Try one or do them all, it`s up to you!"

Here are her suggestions:

1. Read ONE Book. You heard me right, just one book. I hate to admit it but I`ve had years when I haven`t read any books besides Dr. Seuss, But each year I set a goal to at least read one, sometimes I read more, but if I get one in I feel accomplished.

2. Just say 'No.'
We`ve all been there, your plate is full and you get that one text or phone call asking you to fit one more thing in. I`m telling you that it is okay to say no, guilt-free! Don`t stretch yourself too thin, there is no harm in setting limits.

3. Make time for each of your kids, individually.
Find a time this year that you spend one on one with each of your kids doing something that interests them. It will show them that you are in tune with them and it will be a memory that they will forever cherish.

4. Make a YOLO goal
Have you ever wanted to dye your hair blue? Get your nose pierced? Take a vacation alone? Try out for a game show? Whatever it may be find something that you have always wanted to do and do it this year. It doesn`t have to be big or expensive. If you`ve been saying 'I`ve always wanted to ...' Do it!

5. Connect with your inner identity.
Contrary to popular opinion you were not put on this earth to only be a mom. You are a person with interests, thoughts, opinions, etc. Take some time this year to find that person beyond motherhood. Take a class, write a book, meditate, make a vision board. Become in tune with yourself and do something to connect with you! It will make you a better mom!

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